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As of March, 2017


Leadership Team


  • Chair: Steve Lustig, Associate Vice Chancellor Emeritus, UC Berkeley; Ashby Village Board Member

  • Jesse Arreguin, Mayor (current)

  • Former Mayor of Berkeley: Tom Bates (Mayor through 2016, now ex-officio member)

  • Ashby Village: Andra Lichtenstein, Chair, Ashby Village Board; Principal, Capital Incubator

  • Center for Technology and Aging, UC Berkeley: David Lindeman, Director

  • Lifelong Medical Care: Marty Lynch, CEO

  • Episcopal Senior Communities: Kevin Gerber, President and CEO

  • CalQualityCare: Charlene Harrington, Professor Emeritus, UCSF School of Nursing; Principal

  • Chapparal House: K. J. Page, Administrator

  • California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform: Carla Woodworth, Co-Founder; former member Berkeley City Council




  • Ashby Village: Andy Gaines, Executive Director

  • Alameda County Health Care Services Agency: Rebecca Gebhart, Acting Director

  • Northern California Presbyterian Homes and Services: Janet Howley, Vice President

  • Center for Independent Living, Inc. (CIL): Thomas Gregory, Deputy Director

  • Center for Elders Independence(CEI): Linda Trowbridge, CEO; Lenore McDonald, Director of Development

  • Episcopal Senior Communities: Tracy Powell, Vice President Community Services

  • Center for the Advanced Study of Aging Services, UC Berkeley: Andrew Scharlach, Director

  • J-Sei: Diane Wong, Executive Director


Gateway Program Director - Nancy Frank

Gateway Manager and Planner - Melissa Roman

Gateway Planner - Ron Nardinelli

Gateway Planner - Juliette Blake 


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